Front End Loader Scale

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Scale and Control Inc. offers a Front End Loader Scaleeffective for live stock feeding/hay baling, 1-yd bucket uses, and many other compact tractor applications. This can be used as a basic loader scale to monitor load, or an advanced system to perform detailed monitoring, remote data communications and provide in-depth reporting. Use your own device, or Scale and Control Inc. can also supply a WiFi enabled display.

A variety of system configurations are available - please view pricing options carefullyAll Front End Loader Scale kit prices include:

  • Controller Device and Assembly - choice of Base (WiFi Only) or Premium (GSM Cell & GPS)
  • 1 Pressure Transducer (3000 PSI) 
  • 2 Proximity Switches
  • Wiring Harness
  • Installation and Operation Manual


Features of the WLS555 Front End Loader Scale include:

  • Apple™ and Android™ compatible
  • Simple 3 wire installation
  • Can be user installed and calibrated
  • Monitor hydraulic pressure of weighed load with +/- 1% accuracy
  • Track multiple attachments, materials, and customer data
  • Hyper-Cal™ Automated Efficient Calibration
  • Easily view advanced diagnostics
  • Extensive logging capabilities
  • Telematics ready
  • Optional add-ons including printer, networking, peripherals and more
  • In-vehicle or network-connected printing option
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured by Scale and Control Inc.
  • WiFi connectivity is standard, optional cell connectivity is also available
  • Database access can be purchased to log lifts, show productivity, location and machine information
  • We offer one and two pressure transducers solutions. Our one transducer solution will work on most machines providing a 1% accuracy. Our two transducer solution will provide an accuracy of less than 1%


Download SCI Onboard Weighing System Brochure


Available accessories:

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Active 2 - Android 7.1

Zebra Wireless Mobile Printer