Intercomp LS-WIM Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

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Intercomp In-Ground Axle Scale systems provide a solution to weigh trucks, trailers, or any other type of wheeled vehicle, quickly and accurately. Intercomp’s American-made, LS-WIM Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale functions as either an unattended or manned weigh station. Vehicles can be weighed either dynamically, in-motion, or statically, axle by axle.


  • Capacity of 25 tons per axle (150% overload protection)
  • Static accuracy of ± 0.1%. Meets NTEP/OIML requirements
  • NTEP Certified in static weighing mode
  • Complies with ASTM Type IV applications
  • Dynamic accuracy of 1-2% at speeds up to 6 mph (10 km/h)
  • 13 ft (4 m) wide, single-piece, construction
  • Overall depth is just 12" (300 mm)
  • Optional Certificate of Calibration (click here to purchase)