WLS555 Onboard Weighing System

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Scale and Control Inc. offers a state-of-the-art Onboard Weighing System for wheel loaders, front end loaders, skidsteer loaders, forklifts, and more. The system can also be adapted for harvesting, construction, mining, forestry, and custom applications. This can be used as a basic loader scale to monitor load, or an advanced system to perform detailed monitoring, remote data communications and provide in-depth reporting. Use your own device, or Scale and Control Inc. can also supply a WiFi enabled display.

A variety of system configurations are available - please view pricing options carefully. All WLS555 Onboard Weighing System kit prices include:

  • Controller Device and Assembly - choice of Base (WiFi Only) or Premium (GSM Cell & GPS)
  • 2 Pressure Transducers - choice of 3000 PSI or 5000 PSI  
  • 2 Proximity Switches
  • Wiring Harness
  • Installation and Operation Manual


Features of the WLS555 Onboard Weighing System include:

  • Apple™ and Android™ compatible
  • Simple 3 wire installation
  • Can be user installed and calibrated
  • Monitor hydraulic pressure of weighed load with +/- 1% accuracy
  • Track multiple attachments, materials, and customer data
  • Hyper-Cal™ Automated Efficient Calibration
  • Easily view advanced diagnostics
  • Extensive logging capabilities
  • Telematics ready
  • Optional add-ons including printer, networking, peripherals and more
  • In-vehicle or network-connected printing option
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured by Scale and Control Inc.
  • WiFi connectivity is standard, optional cell connectivity is also available
  • Database access can be purchased to log lifts, show productivity, location and machine information
  • We offer one and two pressure transducers solutions. Our one transducer solution will work on most machines providing a 1% accuracy. Our two transducer solution will provide an accuracy of less than 1%


Download SCI Onboard Weighing System Brochure


Available accessories:

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Active 2 - Android 7.1

Zebra Wireless Mobile Printer